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Every month, someone will be assigned to report the bugs. Here are the people for next month (December):

These are bugs for different versions of MapleStory. Please do not just copy the whole thing over from the forum. Only post the ones not shown on the forum of all versions'. Towards the end of the month, they will be reported all at one go to the respective forum websites.


  • Rankings on main websites shows gunslingers with no weapon and brawlers with hammers, shovels, lollipops etc.
  • There is a glitch sometimes when shopping that has this error messege: "You stock is full", or something to that effect. FIXABLE - It is possible to fix this glitch by simply changing channels in the game.
  • Florina Beach as shown on World Map map markers are out of place.
  • Ghost Ship room is still bugged when someone dies in it, it thinks the room is full.
  • Windows Vista problem of Disconnecting on Zakum form 3, thus preventing people playing on Windows Vista to get the Zakum Helmet.
  • There are many typos in the game for some NPC's. For example, in Lith Harbor, if you ask about monsters found in Kerning City, it refers to Praiths, when it is clearly referring to Wraiths or Wraith Jr.
  • There are still some incomplete quests that you can start. For example, Jay's Curiosity.
  • Assignment of a Sand Crew is in the "in progress" in the quests tab, even if you finish it.
  • Some individuals may not consider this a glitch or bug, but I am still putting this in here until you can finish them. If you played a high level person for a long time, there will be incomplete maple island quests you will not be able to do at all.
  • Some 7-11 slurpee cup codes sometimes DO NOT work and code has to be input twice.
  • Monster Book STILL DOES NOT WORK even though there is a hotkey for it.
  • Dex infomation showing on the INT infomation.
  • When you run out of bullets, random characters pop up
  • If you accept the road of pirate as a quest from olaf, you can do the others too.
  • Big foot damage towards him sometimes doesnt hit him(this is confusing..please clear up? who is him - im referring to the 1st him???)
  • Bodyguard A is invincible towards fire arch mages
  • Theres still the glitch at Capt. Latanica (THIS is referred to above also as glitch ghost room.)
  • Patcher stops at 2/3
  • The quest "Lost Spirits" can be finished as soon as it is started and gives 500 EXP. It can be redone after that.
  • Either the number of monster cards you need to make a set is 15 not 99, or there is a typo as it still says you need 99 monster cards


  • Extra hour given in mini-dungeon = 2 hours (?)
  • Wedding chair glitch: Sitting out of chair
  • Monster spelling error: Mushroom turns out to become Mushroom Spore
  • Nemi'slunchbox.jpg Should be "Manager Karl of the Toy Factory" instead of "Kaho of the Toy Factory.